Hey everyone this is Palak Tiwari from India

Introduce yourself and your blog

I’m 16 years old currently studying in 11th grade. I love to write and read and to be creative always. I recently started blogging on 3july 2021. Stay connected and share good vibes together making it a better place to live. Be kind. Be compassionate and grateful forever.

  • Forgiveness
    Veiled with clouds stars stood lonelyStaring at me and I stared them tooWith deserted eyes and lost conscienceMy heart kept getting heavierOf the debt I never repaidTears that do not rolled downRather dried on my faceAshamed for feloniesI longed for death to embrace mefor their is no forgivenessTo my dready soulAngel carried me in herContinue reading “Forgiveness”
  • Sunshine
    I always wanted to get closer to you just to let my wound heal under your glossy sunshine. But little did I knew to hold sunshine in my tender palms I have to wander among insecurities; behold my worst fears with aftertaste of acrid heartbreak on my lips; I have to shield myself with theContinue reading “Sunshine”
  • Sanity
    Believe in yourself © Aesthetic world Images Courtesy: Pinterest Hey guys!How are you doing. Sending you lots of good vibes.
  • Learn To Respect Difference
    There are different species of plants in my garden but not all of them let flowers bloom. Some had grown taller than my dad rest have stunted upto my knees. Sturdy,stiff or creepy there are lots of variations.Looking at them I often wonder the universe has only single source of strength that maintains growth ofContinue reading “Learn To Respect Difference”
  • SHE
  • Let me
    Let me walk through the lilies of your heart where you have dissemble all your lesions and pain. Let me just pluck out all those blue flowers of your dahlia and adore my wall with cologne of your melancholic verses. Let me merge my lipid fingers with the graveyard corners of yours so that IContinue reading “Let me”
  • The night
    The pink sky with wavering clouds once kissed me exuberantly.But now every time I glance towards it I feel void in me exploding leaving me in overused state.Every song on my playlist reminds me of you; it inflicts me and I turn it off before it starts playing the song that you sang for meContinue reading “The night”
  • Paper Hearts
    Believing you was like searching trails of stars that entangled themselves in constellations of twilight sky.Your vivid blue eyes were the oceans of all the thoughts I had someday drowned inside and then tied them into the strings with one end in your tender plams and the next one embroidered on my heart beats.Every wordContinue reading “Paper Hearts”
  • Let’s Start spreading love
    Heavy rains of misunderstandings put you apart from each other. And you both cried. Somedays you sobbed under the shower; some nights your trepidation encumbered the pillow with tears. Days and months passed and slowly you understood those cold nights of misunderstandings were never enough to replace your warm cuddle of selflessness.Don’t regret, don’t waitContinue reading “Let’s Start spreading love”